We’re sorry to say Buffalo Boys no longer have a permanent gallery space, although our services are still available to you!

We vacated our Custer space and had moved our  gallery and services into the old STAR Academy artists spaces just South of the city of Custer, which offered us significantly better production and display facilities.  Unfortunately, the South Dakota state government had to repossess the property from the owners (our new landlords) due to non-payment, and they have evicted all the tenants.

Steve continues to paint, train, and offer custom framing services and will soon find an outlet for sales of his paintings and prints.  Mike also continues to photograph and print, and offers his work for sale at Art Expressions Gallery in Custer, ArtForms Gallery in Hill City, and soon on his website.  We both still work together to offer you our full range of services, just not at from our old gallery space.

Contact us via the Contact form below and we’ll respond as soon as we can.

Thanks for your understanding!


Buffalo Boys was founded in 2017 by Steve Leonardi and Michael Ward.  We met as members of Art Expressions Gallery on South 6th Street in Custer, South Dakota.

Steve Leonardi is a nationally renown artist and printmaker.  For over 40 years, Steve has been drawing and painting wildlife employing a variety of media including watercolor and acrylic. He now calls Custer is home, having migrated from Western Pennsylvania.

Mike Ward has  embraced black and white photography and printmaking.  He employs specialized inks and printers to eke out the best tonality and detail in a print, and enjoys printing using classic methods such as Platinum and Palladium, Van Dyke Brown, and Cyanotype.  Originally from Virginia, he moved to Black Hills after his time in the Marine Corps.


We both work from our homes in the Black Hills of South Dakota for the time being.
Steve: (605) 673-2110‬
Mike: ‭(703) 745-2426‬

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